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Automatic Printing Company has been around since 1935. We believe in quality materials, first class printing projects, reasonable cost, and have been keeping our service promises for 70 years.

Automatic started out as a small letterpress operation and grew to offer multi-color offset printing. From there, we have also adapted to the new digital world and can meet the printing needs of today.

grandpa   Automatic Printing Company has been serving customers with quality printed products since 1935. The family-owned business was founded by Anton Piskac Sr. in a small building near 21st and Cuming Streets.

Anton left his home in what is now the Czech Republic in 1905 and arrived in America with his parents, two brothers and two sisters. After learning the printing business from the ground up as an apprentice in a small Beatrice, Nebraska, company, he moved to Omaha to open his own company. Anton involved himself in community groups. He was a journalist who published a Czech language farm magazine and a musician, playing cello in the Omaha Symphony Orchestra.

All five of Anton's children were involved in the business over the years and four generations of Piskac and Prescott family members have now worked to build the successful operation now occupying three buildings between 17th and 18th on Cuming Street.

Today, Automatic Printing Co. continues building on its reputation for exceeding customer expectations.
Automatic Printing Co.

company bio
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